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Payment Term Logos Cash only Payment


Please note that we do not accept card payments.

We do accept Cash or BACS plus many customers use banking Apps to direct transfer funds. 


Business accounts subject to approval.

No SmokingSmoking


Ace Travel vehicles are non-smoking for staff and customers.


It is the law and helps protect our staff from secondary smoke.


No AlcoholAlcohol


Our drivers are not allowed to drive under the influence of any alcohol.

Whilst we are happy to transport party goers, we do not allow the consumption of alcohol in vehicles and require that passengers are in a fit state to travel.

NB Soiling charges will be applied.


No Food and beveragesFood and Beverages


Ace Travel prides itself on the cleanliness and condition of it's vehicles so we ask all passengers to refrain from consuming food and drinks whilst in transit.


Privacy - Personal DataPrivacy - Personal Data


We pride ourselves in ensuring your personal data is safe with us and is not shared with third parties.


See our policy document - Link


Exclusions and limits of ServiceExclusions and limits of Service


Our drivers and vehicles will comply with laws as are relevant.


Customers need to be aware that on journeys there may be delays or unforeseen circumstances and factor this into their bookings.


Whilst every effort will be made to ensure passengers are delivered on time to destinations, Ace Travel cannot be held responsible for circumstances outside their control.